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Dance should be FUN!

Dana’s Studio of Dance offers recreational classes in all types of dance and for all levels of dancers.  Voted “The Best Dance Studio In Southlake” by the Southlake Journal, we take pride knowing that each class is taught by working professionals in which the goal is to watch your child’s imagination grow while learning correct dance technique at Dana’s.  Our recreational classes are designed to provide the education fundamentals for a dancer who is serious about learning, but does not want the added stress of competitive dance.

Bring on the BOYS!

We are proud to announce that Dana’s Studio of Dance offers more classes for boys than any other studio in the area.  We teach them different styles of dance including hip hop, popping, breakdancing and other traditional forms of dance.  A few places you might have seen our boys perform include the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Desperados and Dallas Diamonds half-time shows.  Some of our boys have even gone on to perform and or choreograph for and with Jessica Simpson, Barney and Friends, Radio Disney, Orlando Ballet Company and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.  DSOD strongly believes that dancing is not just for girls.

Taking it to another level

For those students who want to take their love for dance to another level, we offer a competitive dance program for ages 5-18 and with multiple levels to give your dancer every opportunity to progress in their learning technique and style.  These classes and rehearsals are taught and managed by season dance pros.   For those students who want to take their love for dance to another level, we offer a competitive dance program for ages 5-18 and with multiple levels to give your dancer every opportunity to progress in their learning technique and style.

We know the DRILL

Dana’s Studio of Dance is EXCITED and PROUD to provide, under the direction of Jessika Palmer (former Texas State Strutter and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader), area dancers ages 5-18 years the opportunity to compete, perform and prepare for their local school’s drill team.  Jessika is devoted to helping your current or future drill team member progress in their knowledge and performance abilities and help them excel in their dance and drill technique!

Leadership through dance

Dana’s Studio of Dance provides leadership skills through the art of dance. These skills include DISCIPLINE, SELF-ESTEEM, TEAMWORK and CREATIVITY.  In each of our dance classes, your student will be taught by instructors who are passionate about dance, but understand everyone’s skills and interests are different.  Our instructors help your dancer understand that dance is the gateway to so many other important life skills.

Meet Our Instructors & Support Team

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Southlake location
Friday, Sept 30th
Ages 5 and up
$40 each additional sibling $25
MUST pre-register

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free trial classes?

Yes!  DSOD offers one free trial class to all new students.  Trial classes are a great way for your child to “test the waters” so to speak, by attending a class they are interested in without payment or the commitment of registration.

How long is the dance season?

One dance season at DSOD runs August – June.  We also have a summer session with camps, intensives and classes that runs June-July.

How can I register?

You can register online or in person at the DSOD office of your choice. If you are having any issues registering please call the office and we can help you.




When is the cutoff date for registration?

There is no cut-off date, per se.  However, classes tend to fill up quickly, therefore, we highly encourage you to register early to ensure a spot in your favorite classes with your choice of day, time and teacher!

Does my dancer have to take the entire season?

While it is not mandatory to complete the entire season, it is highly encouraged in order to give your child the full dance experience. While it may be tempting to miss part or all of a semester (Fall or Spring), each semester provides very valuable knowledge and curriculum that supplements the dancer’s experience in different ways.  Consistency and repetition are a dancer’s best learning tools!

What classes or levels should I sign my child up for?

Class Levels are based upon a child’s age and previous experience.  The office staff is trained to help you find the best class option(s) to give your child the best possible chance to succeed and advance their dance training.

Are parents allowed to watch in the classroom?

In order to give your child the best possible chance to succeed and advance their training, we must have their undivided attention and therefore, we do not allow parents inside the classroom each week.  We do have special windows on the doors for you to check in on them, and we do feature videos of each of the rooms that play on a tv out in the lobby at the Southlake location.  DSOD also offers Parent Observation Weeks in the Fall and in the Spring each year, where you are invited into the classroom to watch!

Are parents required to stay in the lobby during class or can we leave while they are in class?

Parents are not required to stay in the lobby during their child’s class, however, we do have seating for your convenience.  We strongly encourage parents of very small children to stay in the lobby or very nearby during their child’s class just in case they are needed.

Is there a dress code? If so, where do we purchase these items?

Yes, there is a dress code.  There is a store located inside our DSOD Southlake location where you can purchase everything you need for class!  5*6*7*8 Dancewear Defined.  Here is their website .

How are the students leveled or placed in their classes?

Our office personnel are specially trained to help you find the right place for your child to start.  After that, our educated and experienced teaching staff consider many factors when placing students into levels including but not limited to your child’s age, maturity, previous technical dance training and experience, current technique level, etc.

Is the Nutcracker or Spring Recital mandatory?

No.  We do not require any of our DSOD non-company level students to participate in the Nutcracker or the Spring Recital.  However, performing is a big part of the dancer’s experience and participation in both performances is highly encouraged.

How do we make up a class we missed?

Please refer to the studio class schedule to find another class at the same level or lower that you are able to attend.  Then, stop by the studio office right before you attend the makeup class to pick up a makeup class form.  Fill it out and at the end of the class, please have the teacher sign the form. Then turn the form into the back into the office.

Is tuition prorated when we miss a class or there is a holiday or bad weather day?

Tuition is calculated with these holidays and bad weather days in mind, therefore, there will not be any adjustments to your tuition for missing these days.

When are costume fees due and recital fees due and what is the difference between the two?

Costume Fees are drafted November 15th.  These fees go towards the cost of the costume, shipping of the costumes, etc.  Recital Fees are drafted February 15th.  These fees go towards the rental of the event venue, the printing of the programs, insurance, backdrops, payment of technician’s salaries, etc.

What if I need to change to a different class after my recital costume has been ordered?

We strongly encourage you to stay with the class you originally selected through recital, however, we do understand that sometimes, this can’t be helped.  Once costumes have been ordered, the costume fee is no longer refundable.  If it is early enough in the dance season, we may be able to get it exchanged for a $10-$20 exchange/shipping fee depending on costume vendor.

What if my recital costume does not fit?

We try to correctly size each child for their recital costumes, but sometimes other factors come into play, i.e. the child grows, the material is not as stretchy as it appeared or fits differently than imagined, etc. Depending on the vendor, we may be able to exchange it for a better size for a $10-$20 exchange/shipping fee.  It is best to take less serious adjustments to a tailor directly.

What do we do if there is bad weather?

The studio follows the local school districts as far as closing for bad weather is concerned.  You may call the studio or check the website for updates on closings.  You are always welcome to make up any classes you miss due to bad weather.

What if I need to meet or talk with my child’s teacher?

DSOD Teachers are very busy rushing from class to class, so it is best to set up a time to speak with them in lieu of stopping them in between classes.  If you need to set up a time to speak with a teacher, please leave a note for them in the DSOD office.  We will pass along the message and have the teacher contact you to set up a time.

What do I do if I need to withdraw a student?

You must withdraw in written form 30 days in advance.

Where is my recital held?

Event Venues can differ from year to year.  Currently, the DSOD Coppell recital is held at Grapevine High School in Grapevine and DSOD Keller & DSOD Southlake recitals are held at Will Rogers Auditorium in Fort Worth.

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