My oldest daughter has taken dance at Dana’s Studio since she was 2.5 and she is now almost 12. As a mom with a dance background, I can tell you that not only is the caliber of teachers and the professionalism from Dana and her staff extremely high, but the quality of the facilities is above and beyond. It is no wonder why the size of the student enrollment continues to grow each and every year. Now, my 3.5 yr old is in her 2nd year at the studio and she LOVES Ms Linda so much. She is so excited every week about going. I can not tell her the night before that we will have dance the next morning b/c she won’t be able to sleep. I have referred friend after friend to the studio without hesitation. And now with 3 locations, I can refer even MORE friends!! Dana is definitely a business savvy person and markets her studio very well. However, if the teachers, staff and facility weren’t top notch, the retention would not happen– but, year after year at recital there are more and more students receiving their 5, 10 & 15 yr awards. That in itself should speak volumes!
We LOVE Dana’s!!!!