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Why Should You Choose Dana’s Studio of Dance for your Child’s Dance Education?


Dance Should Be Fun!

Dana’s Studio of Dance offers recreational classes in all types of dance and for all levels of dancers.  Voted “The Best Dance Studio In Southlake” by the Southlake Journal, we take pride knowing that each class is taught by working professionals in which the goal is to watch your child’s imagination grow while learning correct dance technique at Dana’s.  Our recreational classes are designed to provide the education fundamentals for a dancer who is serious about learning, but does not want the added stress of competitive dance..


Bring On The BOYS!!

We are proud to announce that Dana’s Studio of Dance offers more classes for boys than any other studio in the area.  At DSOD, we strive to reach out to boys of all ages, ranging from 5 years old to all the way up to seniors in high school.  We teach them different styles of dance including hip hop, popping, breakdancing and other traditional forms of dance.  We are also one of the only studios to have an all boy’s dance company which competes annually at regional and national dance competitions.  You can even see them tearing up the floor and creating a buzz with their high energy dances and smooth moves at local performances around the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  A few places you might have seen the boys perform include the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Desperados and Dallas Diamonds half-time shows.  Some of our boys have even gone on to perform and or choreograph for and with Jessica Simpson, Barney and Friends, Radio Disney, Orlando Ballet Company and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.  DSOD strongly believes that dancing is not just for girls.  If you are a boy looking to improve your flexibility, coordination and strength, or even if you just love to dance, we are sure to have something for you at our studio!  So come check out our boy’s program and sign up today!


Go To The Next Level

For those students who want to take their love for dance to another level, we offer a competitive dance program for ages 5-18 and with multiple levels to give your dancer every opportunity to progress in their learning technique and style.  These classes and rehearsals are taught and managed by season dance pror those students who want to take their love for dance to another level, we offer a competitive dance program for ages 5-18 and with multiple levels to give your dancer every opportunity to progress in their learning technique and style.  These classes and rehearsals are taught and managed by season dance professionals who bring years of experience and training to the dance studio classroom.eo.


We Know The Drill

Dana’s Studio of Dance is EXCITED and PROUD to provide, under the direction of Jennifer Nix (former Kilgore Rangerette, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader & Mavericks Dancer), area dancers  ages 5-18 years the opportunity to compete, perform and prepare for their local school’s drill team.  Jennifer is devoted to helping your current or future drill team member progress in their knowledge and performance abilities and help them excel in their dance and drill technique!

“What makes DSOD special?”

1. Studios are equipped with floating wood dance floors and marley which help reduce the risk of injuries.

2. Office staff available to assist you approx. 10 hours a day.

3. Wide variety of classes and teachers to provide better service to students and parents.

4. Flexible dance programs for all levels of dancers (recreational to competitive) to fit any family schedule or needs.

5. Annual production of the Nutcracker for anyone who wants to participate (even non-DSOD customers).

6. Lower family max rate for our customers.

7. Our staff is made up of working professionals in the industry who also LOVE to teach ANY LEVEL of kids to dance.

8. Was the first to offer boys classes in the area and offer more opportunities for boys to learn to dance all styles.

9. Has connections with some of the top choreographers in the nation and brings these talented dancers in to the studio to do choreography and master classes.

10. Award winning dance companies for ages 4 to adult, which include girls and boys.

11. Over 25 years in business with locations in Southlake, Keller and Coppell

12. Has one of the largest dance rooms in the DFW area.

Braggin’ Rights

What some of our customers have said about DSOD

[ut_qtrotator_2 autoplay=”true” effect=”fade” arrow_color=”#dd3333″ name_color=”#dd3333″ arrow_color_hover=”#eeee22″ autoplay_timeout=”7000″][ut_qt_2 author=”Alexandra Jack” origin=”Google Southlake”]I danced at Dana’s Studio for eleven years and have known Dana for much longer. I loved growing up in a studio that valued the whole person. Dana and her staff are kind, caring, and compassionate. In an industry that can over-emphasize the value of being rail-thin, Dana teaches the beauty and value in every dancer, regardless of body type. Technique and performance are certainly a priority, but are not placed before development of the whole dancer. I feel that I received a well-rounded education in many disciplines, and developed confidence both in the studio and in the world. I would recommend this studio to anyone, especially to those with young girls.[/ut_qt_2][ut_qt_2 author=”Heather Bruce” origin=”Google Southlake”]My oldest daughter has taken dance at Dana’s Studio since she was 2.5 and she is now almost 12. As a mom with a dance background, I can tell you that not only is the caliber of teachers and the professionalism from Dana and her staff extremely high, but the quality of the facilities is above and beyond. It is no wonder why the size of the student enrollment continues to grow each and every year. Now, my 3.5 yr old is in her 2nd year at the studio and she LOVES Ms Linda so much. She is so excited every week about going. I can not tell her the night before that we will have dance the next morning b/c she won’t be able to sleep. I have referred friend after friend to the studio without hesitation. And now with 3 locations, I can refer even MORE friends!! Dana is definitely a business savvy person and markets her studio very well. However, if the teachers, staff and facility weren’t top notch, the retention would not happen– but, year after year at recital there are more and more students receiving their 5, 10 & 15 yr awards. That in itself should speak volumes!
We LOVE Dana’s!!!![/ut_qt_2][ut_qt_2 author=”Nicki Sue” origin=”Google Southlake”]I took dance here for 15 years and know many people, including family, who still take classes. I am still involved with this studio and have seen it grow quickly and wonderfully. The teachers and staff are quality, trained, and educated people that are polite and helpful all the time. Not only is the studio fantastic, but the recitals as well. Everyone works hard to put on an awesome show that runs smoothly. I will always be a fan of Dana’s.[/ut_qt_2][ut_qt_2 author=”Addison Williams” origin=”Google Keller”]I have been with Dana’s ever since I first started dancing, and all I can say is that it is an amazing studio. The teachers and staff are so supportive, fun, and caring. While at this studio I have learned so much and I personally feel as if it has boosted my confidence as a person and as a dancer. Can’t say enough about how much I love this studio, it has almost become my second home in itself.[/ut_qt_2][ut_qt_2 author=”Michelle Cedillo” origin=”Google Keller”]If you are thinking of enrolling your child(ren) in dance, let me tell you about my experience with Dana’s. My son took some recreational Hip Hop classes and then at the age of 14 decided he wanted to do all styles of dance. He did not have any experience with Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical….nothing!! He was nervous entering into an all girls studio (at the time). He was not the model of a dancer. After being evaluated he took “baby” classes along with more advanced classes (in the back of the room) so he could learn as much as he could. The teachers gave him a balance of praise and constructive criticism while constantly encouraging him. Today that dancer is 18 years old and a Senior in high school. He has been accepted (with scholarships) into the dance programs at NYU, PACE, Chapman, and Point Park. He is a product of the teachers and instruction at Dana’s Studio of Dance. Others that he danced with are dancing with Joffrey Ballet, and one has been accepted to Juilliard. The teachers at Dana’s are amazing at what they do!!![/ut_qt_2][ut_qt_2 author=”Jen Satterwhite Puryear Pools” origin=”Google Keller”]We have tried 2 other dance studios since finding our “dance home” at Dana’s in Keller. My daughters have not only grown as dancers but have grown in their confidence overall. Knowing that my girls are excited to go to dance because they love their teachers is an added bonus. The teachers at this studio truly care about each individual child and it shows. My girls love the entire staff here and have found a family at DSOD-Keller.[/ut_qt_2][ut_qt_2 author=”Bri Sanders” origin=”Google Coppell”]Easily accessible, great location[/ut_qt_2][ut_qt_2 author=”Lex Richardson” origin=”Google Coppell”]lovely studio, very nice people! [/ut_qt_2][/ut_qtrotator_2]